Thursday, February 26, 2009

Preview the Bone Bender

Bone Bender Preview on Sunday:

Sunday, March 1, 2009
8:00am start time (John and I will be on-site at 7:00am if anyone is interested in a early lap)
Smokey Davey Trail Head.
Ride a couple of laps of the Bone Bender course and check out the new Skinnies

Here is the website for Smithville:

Here are the directions to the trail head: directions from nearest town: Travel North through Smithville and further for about 4 miles on 169 Highway. Turn right (East) on "W" Highway, and travel to the bridge over the lake. Keep traveling farther on "W" Highway for a few hundred yards to a paved parking lot (Smoken Davey Trailhead) on the right. As you leave this lot on bike or foot, look for the carsonite markers as you can go West (right) into Lakeside Speedway or East (left) into T-N-T, or South on the County paved trail.

Lunch after the event in Smithville.

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Mitch the Masher said...

Looks like Smithville got hammered last night. How do you think it will fare for this weekend. Lots of sun this week. The rain went around my house and we barely got a drop! Quite a few from St.Louis planning in racing.