Monday, April 13, 2009

Bone Bender Race Guide

The Inaugural Bone Bender 3/6 Hour MTB Odyssey is this weekend. The Smithville Trail crew will be out this week making sure the course is in first class condition and ready for Saturday's big event.

Download your BB36 Race Guide here.

See everyone on Saturday.


Sara said...

What's the condition of the trails? I only have room for one bike and not sure if the mud is the sticky build up on your wheels type of just sloppy wet stuff? Anyone???

Chris Locke said...

The trails are drying out quickly this time of year. Next 3 days look great. Only a small chance of showers on Friday.

Plan for the trails being in good shape. The Smithville crew has added some gravel to some areas that has really helped.

We will post an update on Thursday.


Harp said...

I did see on a weather report for potentional storms on Sat. Will that play much into the race conditions or if it's a go or no go? Just curious.

Chris Locke said...

We have an alternate course that will bypass the sections that usually get muddy when it rains. We do not plan on using it at this time, but it is there for us to use.

The BB36 is a GO for Saturday.

Harp said...

I'll see you there.

Squirrel said...

Plan on rain....I just washed my bike:) See you Saturday:)


Josh said...

Bad Goat Racing will be on scene with refreshments for all.

Sara said...

Calling for 1/4 inch Sat morning. Can the trails handle that?

Chris Locke said...

We are a 100% go. The trails are in very good shape. The Smithville trail crew has worked all week bringing in gravel to areas that might get muddy if it does rain.

Heading out now to work some more on the course.

See everyone tomorrow.