Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bone Bender Updates - 4/12/11

Due to our event size and parking limitations, we are having to make a small change in our start/finish location. The start/Finish and registration area is now moving to the Swim Beach area.

Parking will now be at the Swim Beach with additional parking along the course (see map). This will be an ideal location to setup your team pits.

Here is the updated course map.


Bigdave said...

Hey guys,

There has been some rain forcast. Are you going to post a go no-go call at some point?

Chris Locke said...

The BB36 is a GO. We will have a final course set-up by late tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday and Sunday's forecast look very good and as of now are planning on using our planned course.

We will post an update on the course so stay tuned, but plan coming out Sunday and enjoying a great day riding.