Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bone Bender Training Offically Begins....

Trials were in great shape today. The snow missed Smithville and afforded us a great opportunity to get in some serious BB36 training.

The rigs are unloaded ready to go for the 0700 start time. But what is this? Darkness still so we wait...

Despite the cold tempatures, smiles could be found on everyones faces. Darn those Smithville trails are sweet..

Some single track photos.

The biggest problem of the day, besides keeping your toes from freezing off, was keeping your water from freezing. Looks like JP got it solved. Drink early before your bottle freezes...

It is time to hit the trails for some serious Bone Bender training....

What: Bone Bender 3/6 Hour Training Ride #1
Where: Smithville Lake Mountain Bike Trails
When: Saturday, 1/30/10.

Meeting at the Smoke N Davey Trailhead at 0700. Ride for 4 to 5 hours. Or until done...come join in the fun anytime you like. Laps start on the hour. All ride levels welcomed.

After the ride heading down to the Urban Cyclocross Challenge http://www.tricycletrackstands.blogspot.com/

And do not forget about Sunday's LoneStar Epic Gravel Grinder over in Lawrence http://gravelgrinders.blogspot.com

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