Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Updated BB36 Flyer

Here is an updated flyer with some new sponsors.

Thank you to The Wheel Cyclery, Pace Line Products, Kuat Racks, Hammer Nutrition, Volker Bicycles, Pot Pie and In-A-Tub

Stay tuned for some upcoming rides to help get you ready for this years BB36.


Sean said...

Question: The fliers and web sites say 10am start but the Race Guide says 12 noon start. Which is it?

Sean said...

Question: Website and Fliers say 10am start while the race guide says 12 noon start. Which is it?

Chris Locke said...

The race guide is from 2009. Still working on the 2010 version. Should have it done after I get back from this weekends Ouachita Challenge.

10:00 am Start time